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This only went on for two weeks, but the last time we were out I heard her tell her friend that she should cheat on her boyfriend, because things are getting to serious. I freaked out, I yelled, I cried, I made a shitty scene in a parking lot, and she smirked and told me she was gonna live her life and not let me bring her down. She cut all contact, had her friend pick up our cat, and straight up ignored me. Two weeks later I found out she had been dating a friend of hers, another woman, since we broke up.

It was so obvious she was leaving me for this woman in retrospect. My life is a ball of hate and shame and sorrow. That was a month ago, and two nights ago she texted and said she missed me, and wished things were awkward between us. I told her I couldn't be around her. Last night we ran into each other, and she started telling me about how amazing the apartment we were looking at is, and how her and her new girlfriend love it.

I made it all the way to my car before breaking down and crying.

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I never thought I'd be one of those people who hated one of my ex's, but this is the worst I've ever felt. It's worse than the time I got turned down when proposing. Every moment is a testament to my anger and sorrow. I've been there too, pal. For what it's worth, a woman like that gets off on the conquest, much like a lot of the pickup artists do. She 'won' so got what she needed and moved on. She'll do it to her girlfriend too. It's too easy to say, and the pain is too raw right now, but you dodged a bullet, trust me on that. If you're moving sight-unseen for the feelz, don't do it.

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I always say that's a shit thing to do. I always say "leave her alone, you cunt, stealing girlfriends is for assholes. Yet, this time, I did it. Granted, I did not intend to do it. We met and I liked her, I was starting to flirt and she told me she had a boyfriend. That was my cue. I did the same I always do, move on. I tried to stay away from her and just be acquaintances. We had too many friends in common because of being in the international community.

We ran into each other a lot. So we get talking when we meet at places and she seems cool, and she has some really cute friends. So I figure I can be friends with her, keep it at that and hook up with her friends. That actually seemed to go well, I met some other cute women, I talked with her from time to time and I told her of myself, my "conquests", and just whatever, just being an open book, letting her know I'm not trying to make this more than a friendship in any way.

She tells me about herself and all that. And we're doing fine as friends. I liked her, and was happy for her. We had made some small group of friends that we hung out with sometimes and they liked us. Sometimes we would dance at the club, mainly me and her friends in order. She's so bad at dancing. It just always makes my day. We were always going in group to drink or dance. But it was all friendly and in good fun. Hell, I love being surrounded by attractive women in the dancefloor.

During all of this, I made it a point to not ever do anything that would even hint at anything other than friendship. Respect another dude's girl, that's one of my rules. I always follow my rules. Spring break was about to start and she was gonna go to NYC while is was going to Panama city beach. We decided to go out on Thursday night, since she was leaving on Friday night. We went to the usual club to dance our brains out. She gets me a beer, and tells me that she talked with her boyfriend. That caught me completely by surprise. I had done everything what I thought was right and tried keeping it on the cold side of friendly, but it had clearly not been enough.

I'd like to say I felt like shit, but was more like "well, Fuck. Still, I was so surprised and felt like I owed the dude some clean uninfluenced by me talk with his ex to sort things out. So I just went "huh". We kept dancing, and didn't mention that again. Kinda poor timing on her part, saying that in the middle of the club. Also an idiotic thing I did by basically not reacting to her confession. Anyway, we both traveled to our spring break destinations and kept in touch. She told me they broke up.

I got drunk and decided to ask her out through Facebook chat rather than my original plan of "wait until we're face to face again. We met again after the break and went out for some coffee the day before my planned big date. We hit it off, we made out, we hooked up. We're still together, and I still feel a bit bad about being the guy she broke up with her boyfriend of over a year for. But we're happy as Fuck.

This all sounds perfectly ok.

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She decided she was not in love with her old boyfriend, broke up with him and now she's with you.. The only problem here is that people tend to take the phrase 'stealing' too literal. She's not an object. Claiming that you can literally 'steal' her implies that she doesn't have valid feelings herself.. Same rule I made for myself, But what happened to you is the exception to it. Glad you're still happy: I used to be a rules guy. But then I slowly learned that there's not a clear line, there's always a grey area around the line that one can find oneself in Back in high school I did steal a girl from her boyfriend.

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She had been dating him for like a year and I had seen her around school but I had never talked to her until the beginning of junior year when we were placed in the same classes. I was shy and she was the one that made first contact with the intention of becoming friends but it turned into something more. I didn't try anything with her that night even though I really liked her because she was taken and we had gone as friends to the party. The night ended, I dropped her off at her house, hugged her and said good night.

When I got home I received a text from her saying how much fun she had with me that night. Reading the text put a huge smile on my face and I went to bed thinking about her. A week later, she broke up with her boyfriend and she started hanging out with me everyday. I asked her out two weeks later.

She was my first girlfriend and she was my first kiss too. I still think of her from time to time but I think I'm gonna go to bed tonight with her on my mind.

I apparently was gifted at stealing girls from their boyfriends in high school because an opportunity arose senior year but I did not proceed to seize it. I avoided doing that because I felt bad for causing a break up last time. The first girl I ever asked out was at some gig.

She was incredibly flirty and friendly with me, and I'd never really had a girl act that way with me before, so I asked her out. I figured I'd fucked up and shouldn't have said anything. A few days later I get a text from her saying she got my number off her friend, who knew another person who knew After a few dates I find out she dumped her boyfriend the day after the night I asked, then started tracking me down afterwards. In an unrelated but more interesting story, many, many years later I went to college. I lived with a real shithead of a flatmate. He never cleaned, he never did his dishes, his room was infested with rats who spread through the apartment and made me sick several times.

He used to laugh at me and taunt me any time I got mad about it, and the school and landlord didn't give a fuck. He was kind of an ugly guy, and not popular with women, whereas I was doing alright at that point. He had a huge crush on this one girl, and the rumour went that she liked him back. They could often be seen being very close to one another, although nothing had ever actually happened, it was just kind of obvious it was going to at some point.

So this huge party is coming up; she's going with her friends, my flatmate is also going with his, and I've been invited by the host. Knowing that this would undoubtedly be the night they finally get together after months of sexual tension, my flatmate cleans his room for the first time in a year and dumps all his trash - literal stinking bags of garbage and unwashed cumsocks - into my room while I'm out and before he leaves, to hide them without having to do anything about it.

I was fucking furious, and having just recovered from my 4th bout of dysentary that year, I was out for revenge. I threw all his shit out the back and cleaned my room up, then headed to the party. As soon as I got there, I made a bee-line for the girl he liked, and started chatting her up.

I'm tall, handsome, had a six-pack back then and could make good conversation, while he was a squat little goblin man who's concept of flirting was toilet humour and racist jokes. I was a little surprised with how quickly she dropped him once I took an interest in her, but all the better for my revenge. I took her home and fucked her, while he went home to his newly tidied room all alone, to hear her moans through the thin walls. I fucked her several times for a few months till she left college and moved.

Had a major crush on a girl when I was She was in my class. Everybody knew, but I was just too shy to ask. When we turned 14, she changed school, so I manned up and asked her out on a "date". We walked around quite a bite and talked a lot. We agreed to meet up again. That time it was the cinema. I felt so successful. After that, somehow we lost contact. At that time she had a boyfriend. After a few days of writing, I wrote her, that I was about to fall in love with her. She wrote that she is as well. We met again and immediately went to second base.

I asked her after a few weeks if her boyfriend knew what we were doing. She said he didn't and I asked her to end it with her boyfriend. Funny story though, after 6 months, she dumped me for another she met during her summer job. Hardest break up in my life so far. I learned that day: A girl that cheats on her boyfriend with you, is not the kind of girlfriend you want to be in a relationship with. No, I don't really have any interest in that sort of thing or the sort of woman who'd be so flakey. She cant get stolen She just found someone that gave her better "tingles" and decided to see herself out.

Nope I never have stolen anyone from anybody I'm not that kind of guy, and don't plan on "stealing" a girl away. Freshmen in college, met a lot of new people. Met this cute girl, started to hang out, found out she had a boyfriend. We kept hanging out. She tells me a few days later they broke up and we start going out a day or two later. Lasts about a month and I break up with her because I realized she wasn't the kind of person I was really interested in and some other school reasons. She went back to the ex boyfriend about a week later.

After a couple of years, the same thing happened with us, she moved on to someone new. I think she liked the novelty of a new relationship but was too scared to be alone, so she always made sure she had an overlap. She's now married and settled down now, so things worked out in the end.

I have two friends that actually managed to do this somehow. But these girls were more like "They are sooo boring! Surprisingly enough though, she left me for some other guy as well. I dated a girl that a mutual friend had an interest in.

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I regret it now and told him so, but I didn't even try to get her in the first place, she chose me. Also, in a way, I helped him dodge a bullet so I don't feel too bad. He realized he was played with when she got with me. Why ask for advice if you already have your mind made up? What you need to do is learn from this and get far away from her now. She may even be using you to make her boyfriend jealous enough as he doesn't seem to be giving her what she wants to motivate him to give whatever it is she wants. A lot of girls do this in teen to early 20's when they can find a "nice Guy" who isn't savvy to her games and use him in this method.

Why do they do it? It's easy to do and it works. She basically plays two Guys against each others. She'll likely hold on to the Guy like yourself and meet net Guys she's interested in to play you against. Oh, and just my suggestion. Walk away from her and don't tell her why. Don't explain any of this to her. Then see if she starts calling you trying to keep using you in this way.

It should tell you something. Dude seriously stop talking to her she is using you for attention behind her boyfriends back.

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  • Can you imagine if you were him she would be doing this behind your back. Block her and spend your time after a girl who is single.

    Yea, I can imagine, the worse thing is that I know her boyfriend, we used to be at the same school so it's even harder when I see both of them and she is acting like she loves him and all but the thing she is telling me behind his back sometimes makes me sick but I also like it, omg it's too hard.

    Wouldn't be hard for me. What she is doing is cheating behind his back. Ask him what he thinks Musical Send a private message. She really is working you over good. She isn't that into you. She doesn't respect you or care for you. She loves the attention you give her and she loves pushing buttons to see how far she can push you to make you jealous all to feed her ego.

    Until she grows up she is just gonna do this in every relationship she is in. You are a fool if you think this is what a good relationship is? If you were in a relationship with her, you would tolerate her sexting with other guys you already know she will as it feeds her insecurities and ego , you will rush home to talk to her whenever SHE wants, not when you are able to or free to do so. You are afraid to be late to talk to her because she will talk to other guys. She's cold to you in person, not showing you any affection or signs she actually cars about your feelings and your time. I really don't know what you are getting out of this?

    Sounds like only your dick is speaking. If you persue this relationship and succeed, knowing what you know. You deserve it everything and nothing you will get from it. If you cut her off and find a girl who treats you like a human being, you deserve that girl and to be happy.

    Good luck to you. RN Send a private message. How old is she? She sounds young and immature also insecure as well You have to decide if you really want to be with someone who is that needy.